Soundproofing Walls London

Whether you have a drummer in the family or would just like some peace and quiet from the noisy neighbours next door, we can help.

We try to make our soundproofing process as simple for our customers as possible. If you think that you could benefit from soundproofed walls, one of the experts from our team will come directly to your premises and discuss a soundproofing strategy that is tailored to fit your needs. Our goal is to provide the best quality and most cost-effective solutions for you.

Once we have a clear understanding of what soundproofing solutions you need, we can measure up the rooms which require work and provide you with a no obligation quote. We can also supply you with a comprehensive list of the materials we will be using and an idea of how long the work will take.

If you would like to progress with the work, our team will then schedule a suitable time to start, depending on your availability.

At Transform Sound UK, we are a professional team of soundproofing experts. Not only do we provide our customers with a top quality soundproofing service, but we also ensure that everything is left clean and tidy once the work has finished and that furniture is put back where it came from.

If you would like to talk to us about your wall soundproofing requirements, or would like to arrange a visit for a no obligation quote, please call 02079890349

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Soundstop Panels - Our most popular product due to the ease of installation and quality of results

Soundstop panels are our most popular party wall soundproofing product (see case studies) due to the ease of fitting and quality of the final result achieved. If you wish to calculate or buy the materials just click on the blue calculator icon below: When soundproofing a wall it is necessary to improve three basic components.

  1. The mass of the wall- This is normally achieved by adding acoustic plasterboard.
  2. The Resilience of the wall- This is the springiness of the wall. Without this, the addition of the mass will have very little impact.
  3. The sound "absorbancy" of the wall. By adding different components the sound gets trapped more easily within the wall- The most cost effective method is the use of acoustic mineral wool

The soundstop panels improves each of these elements. - We offer two versions of the panel solution the second adding some more mass to give extra performance.

transform sound uk panel wall
transform sound uk panel wall 1

SoundStop noise insulation panels take advantage of advances in acoustic control technology to strike a highly effective balance between increasing the mass of the transmission wall and introducing a dampening air spring element of acoustic mineral wool. Soundstop panels come in boards which are 2.4m x0.9m they are just 52mm ( 2inches) thick.

*The SoundStop panels can be upgraded from providing 13db increased acoustic protection to 16 db increased acoustic protection through the addition of a 15mm layer of SoundBloc plaster board. This is added by simply gluing it to the sound panels. Fitting Instructions

Electrical Sockets

If you are thinking of refitting electrical sockets back into the wall. You might be advised to line your electrical boxes with acoustic putty.

Dry lining Soundstop Panels to a smooth decorate-able finish

We are often asked what is the final finish and do I need a plasterer? We provide all the materials necessary to achieve a smooth decorate-able finish. Please see video below on dry-lining. The wall you end with will be similar in appearance to the video. We supply the finishing compound that allows you to achieve a smooth wall without plastering. All items are automatically added when you press the blue calculator.

The SoundStop panels themselves are a uniquely bonded gypsum and acoustic mineral wool product, which provide different degrees of soundproofing performance. They have been tested to exacting standards (BS EN ISO 140) and conform to all UK Health and Safety regulations. The best results for soundstop panels are achieved with solid brick party walls. Breeze block walls may suffer from flanking transmission problems so any soundproofing treatments require an assessment of this possible difficulty Flanking Transmission problems.

A note on fireplaces: We are frequently asked whether it is necessary to run wall soundproofing around the chimney breast on a party wall? While there is no definitive answer on this question, we are of the opinion that soundproofing the alcoves either side is usually sufficient. This is because chimneys are typically constructed to be fire and smoke proof and are at least of double brick construction, whereas the walls either side, the alcoves, maybe poorly constructed and of single brick. Of course there are exceptions, but in the majority of cases you can reduce your labour and time considerably by just doing the alcoves. Due to the acoustic nature of stud walls and timber framed walls we would recommend a different set of treatments when upgrading these walls as described in solution 5 stud wall soundproofing. Example results based on typical party wall construction of 100mm brick wall (45-47db)

  Increase in acoustic privacy
52mm Soundstop panels 13db
52mm Soundstop panels plus 15mm SoundBloc plasterboard 16db

So for example after fitting 52mm panels your wall could have a 60 db rating, which is an excellent level of acoustic privacy. Remember these are average figures across a range of frequencies. In practice all sound proofing works better at higher frequencies. Our solution is designed to be fitted to just your side of the wall. If you can install to the other side (the neighbours side) of the wall you will experience an even greater acoustic privacy. See our case studies

Chart comparing all our wall soundproofing solutions

Room Size Loss Labour intensity Airborne Sound
(improvement db)
Relative Material Cost
Solution 1: SoundStop Panels - Our most popular choice! 52mm Low 13-16db* (brick party wall) Low
Solution 2:Genie Clip Wall (independent) ( with tecsound Membrane) 132mm High 27db 30db with Tecsound) Medium
Solution 3:Independent Wall Resilient Bar(with Tecsound Membrane) 107mm High 22 db(26db with Tecsound)) Medium
Solution 4: SS20 Panels 45mm Medium 19db+ High
Solution 5: Stud Wall Soundproofing 35mm Medium 16db+ Medium