Ceiling Soundproofing London

Whether you own a busy pub with guest rooms above it, or you simply want to reduce the sound of footsteps from noisy neighbours above you, our team of specialists can alleviate these problems with our expert soundproofing services.

Soundproofed ceilings are extremely useful for pub or nightclub owners that don’t want loud noise or music to escape to different floors within the building. A lot of homeowners have also benefited from having soundproofing installed into their ceilings, to reduce the sound of noisy neighbours above them. If this is something you think that you could also benefit from, we can arrange for one of our team to visit your premises and discuss soundproofing options with you.

Our specialist experts are there to help you find the right soundproofing solution. The initial meeting will be a discussion to find out exactly what your noise issues are so that we can establish an ideal solution. We will then measure up the ceiling so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

If you wish to continue with the soundproofing, we will then schedule a suitable time to have it installed.

We always make sure that the work we do is thorough and professional. Once we have completed the work, we will always leave your home or premises clean and tidy and place moved furniture back in its original place.

If you have a ceiling that needs soundproofing why not call us today on 02079890349 to discuss your requirements.

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