Bar Soundproofing London - Club and Pub Soundproofing

As a pub or nightclub owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that your premises have ample soundproofing in place. A business can be fined up to £20,000 following complaints if it is repeatedly found exceeding a certain noise level.

We are a professional business and have provided lots of pubs and clubs in London with efficient, cost-effective soundproofing. Our team of acoustic specialists each have years of experience and aim to provide you with the highest quality for reasonable and affordable prices.

If you think that your pub or club could benefit from our soundproofing serves, don’t hesitate to call us and arrange a visit. One of our team will come and talk to you about your specifications and provide you with a no obligation quote. We can also provide a detailed list of materials that will be required. At Transform sound UK, we only use materials from industry-leading suppliers to give our customers the best quality possible.

We understand that your business comes first, which is why, if you do decide to proceed with our quote, we will schedule a time and day that is most suited to you to come in and complete the installation.

We also make sure that when leaving the premises, it is left in the exact same condition as it was before. We always tidy up after ourselves and will even place all of the furniture back in its correct place.

To arrange a no obligation quote, or to discuss your requirements please call 02079890349 to discuss your requirements.