Acoustic Quilts, Foams and slabs

Transform Sound UK has a range of solutions for soundproofing wall, ceiling and floor cavities. Spaces in walls, floors and ceilings are a common cause for noise being able to cross through to the other side. By insulating the cavity with an acoustic quilt, foam or slab you can significantly reduce the amount of sound that can pass through.

As with all soundproofing work, it is important that we first accurately measure up the space so that we can cut and fit the exact amount of material required. The benefit of quilts, foams, slabs and membranes is that they have a very high performance noise reduction. If you prefer a less invasive solution you may be able to use acoustic panels instead.

We also have acoustic panels that are suitable for ceilings and floors.

Acoustic Membrane / Foam

The acoustic membrane is 1.2mm thick and is a type of foam that is generally used to upgrade the acoustic performance of existing systems. It can be sandwiched between two layers of acoustic plasterboard but performs best when hanging loose within the cavity. It is flexible and lightweight which makes it excellent for upgrading any soundproofing job. It is comprised of elastomeric, polymeric and vacuum technology which uses particle size and distribution to change resonant frequencies.

Easy Fit Slabs for hanger ceilings

Easy fit slabs are perfect for use in hanger ceilings. They are made of mineral wool that ensures a perfect fit between battens. This tight fit ensures optimum performance. If you are removing the existing ceiling a 100mm variety is recommended. If you are keeping your existing ceiling in place the 50mm variety can be used.

Tecsound 2FT80 acoustic quilt

This high performance acoustic quilt can be used in walls and between the joists under your floor. It is comprised of a synthetic membrane that is sandwiched between two layers of porous felt. This high performance material is typically used in commercial environments such as cinemas, bars, night clubs and theatres. It is possible to use it in domestic properties where a high performance soundproofing solution is needed.

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