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Our soundproofing Reading team can help cut out noise pollution from busy roads or airports, to providing a solution to noisy neighbours, setting up a home cinema or loud workshop/studio and keeping compliant with new building regulations.

Soundproofing Reading - our process:

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    Request a quotation today

    You can request a quote by calling us or filling in our contact form.

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    Agree on a good time for us to visit

    Before we can provide an accurate quote we will need to visit your premises so we can decide on the most efficient and cost effective solution. When it comes to soundproofing, one size does not fit all, every job is unique.

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    Agree on a solution

    We will be able to provide you with a quote for a cost effective solution and in many cases there will be several options ranging from most effective to most cost effective.

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    We will agree a date with you to install your new soundproofing. Our team are highly qualified and clean up after themselves. In no time at all you will be benefiting from one of our bespoke acoustic solutions.

Soundproofing services Reading

Reading Soundproofing - Domestic/Residential

Transform Sound UK is a specialist soundproofing company in Reading.

If you are experiencing domestic/residential noise related issues or problems, from noisy neighbours, busy streets or nearby commercial premises, then our soundproofing solutions could be the answer.

We aim to provide a quality and affordable service. Our Reading soundproofing experts discuss all options with you and how effective they are likely to be. Every case is different so call and arrange for a member of our team to visit you.

Our soundproofing experts take measurements, discuss the noise issues with you, so all quotes provided are as accurate as possible.

If you decide to go ahead, our team organise dates and times for the work to proceed. We can assist you remove any heavy furniture to prepare the rooms we will be working on. Once the work has been completed we leave everything clean and tidy and can even help you move your furniture back into place.

To find out more or for a free no obligation residential/domestic soundproofing quote, please call 07944774636.

Soundproofing walls Reading

Transform Sound UK offers a wall soundproofing service in Reading perfect for everyone from nightclub owners, concerned about noise escaping through walls, to a distraught homeowner or tenant, looking for a way to reduce the noise from loud neighbours.

Our team of Reading Soundproofing experts will visit your venue or premises to measure up and discuss your needs before giving you the most cost effective solution and a no obligation quote.

When soundproofing a wall it is essential to improve: the mass of the wall, resilience of the wall and sound 'absorbency' of the wall. Our most popular party wall soundproofing product - Soundstop panels - improve each of these three elements.

If you would like to talk to our Reading soundproofing team about your wall soundproofing requirements, please call 07944774636.

Floor soundproofing Reading

Our experienced floor soundproofing specialists for Reading can help reduce the impact of your footsteps and block out loud noises between floors.

Every case is unique so our Reading floor soundproofing specialists will visit you to assess your requirements and calculate the severity of the noise problem, to determine what type and quantity of materials will help to reduce noise significantly.

For floor soundproofing enquiries, please call 07944774636.

Ceiling soundproofing Reading

Transform Sound UK's experienced acoustic specialists offer a range of ceiling soundproofing services in Reading. Hearing movement from a person above you in an apartment is one of the most common reasons for having a ceiling soundproofed. Other popular clients for our ceiling soundproofing services include recording music studios and nightclubs which have issues with sound escaping.

If you have a ceiling that needs soundproofing call us today on 07944774636.

Soundproofing in Reading for Clubs and Pubs

Club or pub owners in Reading can be fined up to £20,000 if they are found to be repeatedly exceeding noise levels. Transform Sound UK can help you avoid any complaints and fines by ensuring that your premises has the perfect soundproofing set up in place. Our Reading soundproofing team are acoustic specialists with years of experience, using only the best materials from the best suppliers.

For more information on our pub and clubs soundproofing queries call 07944774636.

Home cinema installers Reading

Watch films the way they were meant to be seen thanks to our premium home cinema installation service. Our Reading soundproofing team are vastly experienced in setting up amazing home cinemas. Due to our wide range of skills we can modify the layout of your room, install fixtures, a wall mounted large screen TV and overhead projectors.

Call 07944774636 to find out more about our home cinema setup and soundproofing service.

Recording studio soundproofing Reading

Transform Sound UK have an experienced team of soundproofing specialists and builders, well equipped to soundproof home or commercial recording studios. We have access to the very best of materials from industry leading soundproofing suppliers, including incredible designer acoustic panels.

To find our more call 07944774636.

Acoustic fencing Reading - motorways / roads/ sports grounds / factories / industrial estates

Acoustic fencing and sound traffic barriers are the best soundproofing solution to combat against the impact of noise from motorways, sports grounds and factories. They can also help prevent sound escaping from gardens or a noisy area.

If you would like to know more about our acoustic fencing and outdoor sound barriers, call us on 07944774636.

Reading Soundproofing Products

Aside from our soundproofing for ceilings, floors and walls, we offer a wide variety of soundproofing solutions for large, small, domestic and commercial properties.

Acoustic membrane / foam

Used to upgrade the acoustic performance of existing soundproofing systems.

Tecsound 2FT80 acoustic quilt

Used in walls and between the joists under your floor, this high performance material is typically used in cinemas, bars, night clubs and theatres.

Easy to fit slabs for hanger ceilings

Made from mineral wool ensuring a perfect fit between battens to significantly reduce the amount of sound that can pass through.

52mm panel

Made up of high density mineral wool on plasterboard, this panel can be doubled up to significantly reduce noise.

SS20 Wall Panel

Comprised of a thick layer of recycled rubber and two layers of soundproof plasterboard, this panel is great for single skin brick walls, stud walls and breezeblock party walls.

SBx Boards

Perfect for reducing impact noise and airbourne sound between two spaces, these boards are designed for soundproofing floors. These boards work well with under floor heating and produce similar results to 107mm thick Robust Detail floors.

Designer Acoustic Panels

Our designer acoustic panels can help transform the look and sound of your selected space. These panels reduce background noise and reverberation time and are commonly used in large offices, high end restaurants, luxury bars, unique night clubs, large open living spaces, meeting and conference rooms and home recording studios and cinemas.

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