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Transform Sound UK offers commercial and domestic soundproofing in Birmingham. Soundproofing is the ideal solution for businesses such as pubs, clubs, factories, studios that need to comply with sound regulations. There is also a growing demand for home owners and landlords looking for a solution to noisy neighbours.

Our Soundproofing Process

1. Request a Soundproofing Quote

If you are a business, landlord or homeowner and you are interested in a quote for soundproofing you can get in touch by calling 07944774636 or by emailing

2. Agree on a time for us to visit

In order to provide a quote that is accurate we will first need to visit your property and discuss the most efficient, cost effective path. Every job is unique and we insist on a visit before we can provide a full cost.

3. Agree on a Solution

We will provide a quote with a description of the materials required and the work involved. In many cases there will be several options that range from effective to cost effective.

4. Installation

On the agreed date our team of experienced soundproofing specialists will begin work. Our specialists can help to clear rooms before work begins and will tidy up on completion.

Soundproofing Services

Domestic Soundproofing in Birmingham

If you have noisy neighbours and would like to reduce the amount of noise leaking through to your home we have a range of solutions that will make a significant difference. Get in touch to discuss Soundproofing your home in Birmingham.

Wall Soundproofing in Birmingham

One of the more common quote requests we face is for wall soundproofing. We have a range of solutions for walls including Soundstop panels, acoustic panels and designer acoustic panels.

Floor Soundproofing in Birmingham

Whether you live in an apartment and have noisy neighbours below you, or are renting a commercial premises and need to soundproof your floor to comply with regulations - we have a range of solutions.

Ceiling Soundproofing in Birmingham

The main reason for soundproofing a ceiling is to reduce the noise coming from either a business or a residential property above. Typically a resilient bar is added to the ceiling and a layer of 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard is added to reduce noise.

Club / Pub Soundproofing in Birmingham

Pub and club owners have a responsibility to ensure ample soundproofing is in place. Businesses have been fined up to £20,000 following repeated complaints of exceeding certain noise levels.

Home Cinema Soundproofing in Birmingham

We have extensive experience of home cinema installation in Birmingham. Our team of soundproofing specialists can modify the room layout, install fixtures and wall mounted TV's / overhead projectors. We will ensure the room has ample soundproofing so you don’t have to worry about turning the volume up in your favourite films.

Recording Studios Birmingham

Transform Sound UK have a team of specialist sound proofers and are well equipped to setup and soundproof home recording studios and commercial recording studios. For those who would like a designer solution, we have a range of incredible designer acoustic panels.

Acoustic fencing in Birmingham

Acoustic fences can make a huge difference to motorway noise. They are also perfect for loud factories. They work by redirecting sound.

Soundproofing Products

In addition to cavity soundproofing for ceilings, floors and walls, we offer a range of products that can impact the way noise bounces around a room.

52mm Panel

A unique combination of high density mineral wood with a plasterboard on its visible surface. This board can be doubled up to significantly improve its impact on noise.

SS20 Wall Panel

Perfect for party walls, stud walls, breezeblock party walls and single skin brick walls - the SS20 panel is made from a layer of recycled rubber and two 12.5mm layers of soundproofed plasterboard.

SBx Boards

Designed for soundproofing floors, these boards are the perfect solution for reducing impact noise and airborne sound between two spaces. The work exceptionally well with under floor heating and yield similar results to Robust Detail floors which are 107mm thick.

Designer Acoustic Panels

Transform Sound UK supply and fit a range of designer acoustic panels. If you want to reduce echo, improve speech intelligibility or improve privacy in open spaces - designer acoustic panels provide a solution that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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