Transform Sound UK offers specialist Soundproofing in London to homes and commercial buildings.

Whether you live in a busy area, have a loud neighbour or own a business which often creates a lot of noise, our soundproofing services can help to keep that unwanted noise to a minimum.

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Soundproofing London - Our Process:

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    Ask us for a quote

    Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will be happy to talk to you about a quote that is right for you.

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    Find a time for us to visit

    We try to provide our customers with the most cost-effective and efficient soundproofing solutions possible, which is why we need to visit each individual premises before providing you with a fair and accurate quotation.

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    Select the right solution

    If you would like to proceed with our quote, we can discuss with you which soundproofing solution will be most constructive for your specific noise problems. We then provide you with an exact quotation. Whether you are looking for the highest quality soundproofing or the most cost-effective, we will always try to find the right plan to suit you.

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    Install the soundproofing

    Once a solution has been agreed upon, all that is left to do is find a suitable date for us to come in and install the soundproofing. We are a highly qualified and professional company who aims to provide our customers with top quality soundproofing. We also make sure that any work that we do is keeping in line with new building regulations.

We have done work for:

What our customers say:

Transform sound did a great job soundproofing the rear extension of my ground floor flat in London - prior to the job being done we could hear the basement flat's radio and tv like it was in the same room. Stephen and his team took up the floor and filled the space with acoustic wool, then put soundboards on top covered with a membrane. The guys were efficient, friendly and very professional. Stephen was able to keep me up to date by sending me photos of the work as it was being done. Would definitely recommend. Thanks!


Soundproofing extension of London flat 02/09/2014

I had an issue with my flat which has another flat above and was poorly insulated (almost non-existent in fact) following WW2 bomb damage and rebuild. I could hear neighbours' footsteps, talking, and basically not a lot left to the imagination! Steve and the boys did a great job on time, for a competetive price and all in one long day. They kept me informed of progress during the day and the airborne/impact noise reduction is very impressive, I can barely hear anything upstairs now. I would recommend this firm without hesitation. Cheers!


Living room soundproofed04/07/2014

I would not hesitate to recommend Transform Sound, Stephen advised on my soundproofing problem and knew exactly what to do,Stephen and team carried out the work in a professional and efficient manner, they were also polite and tidy.

Potting shed

Potting shed14/04/2014

Very hard working, attention to detail very good at keeping home clean e.G protection on stains carpet and removal and refit of bedroom carpet. Would use again.


Customer in Westcliff-on-Sea22 January 2015


Domestic / residential

As a specialist soundproofing company in London, Transform Sound UK aim to provide the best soundproofing solutions to anyone who has concerns about noisy neighbours, high level traffic noise, busy streets or any other kind of noise pollution.

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Soundproofing walls

Whether you have a drummer in the family or would just like some peace and quiet from the noisy neighbours next door, we can help.

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Soundproofing floors

Transform Sound UK offer a range of flooring soundproofing services in London. We have a team of acoustic specialists who have many years of experience in this specialist field.

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Soundproofing Ceilings

Perhaps you own a busy pub with guest rooms above it, or you simply want to reduce the sound of footsteps from the noisy neighbours above you. Our team of specialists can alleviate these problems with our expert soundproofing solutions.

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Clubs & Pubs

Are you a nightclub owner who is concerned about the noise? Or perhaps you own a pub within a residential area? Transform Sound UK offer a specialist soundproofing service to businesses, pubs and clubs in London. We have a team of acoustic specialists with years of experience and use only materials from top quality suppliers.

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Cinemas & Recording Studios

Thanks to online streaming platforms such as YouTube, more people within the music industry are able to make a living in their own studios. As a result, self-employed sound engineers, DJs and musicians require a suitable soundproof room in which they work in. Transformation Sound UK can help to make your home studio completely soundproof so that you can create new music without having to worry about noise.

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Acoustic fence – motorways / roads / sports grounds / factories / industrial estates

Our services don’t stop at indoor soundproofing. We also provide acoustic fencing and sound traffic barriers which are perfect for reducing noise pollution from motorways, sports grounds, industrial estates and factories. You can create a nice, peaceful garden to relax in or stop loud noise from breaking out of a large, busy area.

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